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F/W '14 Inspiration

'Take Ivy' was authored by four Japanese sartorial style enthusiasts and is a collection of candid photographs shot on the campuses of America’s elite Ivy League universities. The series focuses on college-aged men and their clothes, capturing the unique fashion of the student population of that time. Whether getting a meal on campus, lounging in the quad, riding bikes, studying in the library, in class, or at the boathouse, the subjects of this photographic compendium are impeccably and distinctively dressed in some of the finest American-made garments of the time.

This book, along with other perspectives, landscapes and reflections on traditional New England and Ivy league style of days past, serve as inspiration for the F/W '14 season.  Stay tuned for the new Autumn sartorial splendor...

~ Jack

  • Jack Sartori