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  • The Zegna Wool Mill
  • Jack Sartori
The Zegna Wool Mill

Jack's collaboration with Masel Milano to design and produce a limited run of cashmere ties all began with the world-renowned Zegna Wool Mill in Italy. The Zegna Wool Mill, founded in 1910, has been the backbone of the Ermenegildo Zegna’s success and is known internationally for the world’s finest textiles. Four generations of the Zegna family have led the success in textiles through innovation, carefully balancing science with nature and craftsmanship with technology.

The complete production process is carried out by Ermenegildo Zegna – from raw material selection to finishing. Commitment to quality and the use of modern technology to back up artisan craftsmanship is the living tradition linking past, present and future.

You simply will not find a finer cashmere. Enjoy the splendor...

~ Jack

  • Jack Sartori