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  • Where is Your Tie Made?
  • Jack Sartori
Where is Your Tie Made?

Do you know where your tie is made?  Do you know if it is made by hand or by a machine?  

Chances are the ties you wear are made overseas by a machine.  Go ahead and check your care tag...I am willing to bet it says "Made in [somewhere other than the USA]".  Our care tags say "Sartorially Splendid", and that they are indeed.  

All of our ties and pocket squares are made by hand in Manhattan on 7th Avenue, the heart of this country's garment industry.  Back in the earlier part of this century, nearly 100% of all garments worn in the USA were made in the USA. Today, sadly just 5% of the clothing we wear here in this country is manufactured by American hands.  

By purchasing a JSNY tie or pocket square you are contributing to our effort to keep fair paying jobs available to only the best American citizen tailors and craftspeople.  It just feels right, doesn't it?  Yes, it does.  It feels splendid.

~ Jack 

  • Jack Sartori