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Teal Bespoke

Bespoke teal paisley ties for Frank Antonacci, TJ Mazzoli & David Freed. These gentlemen are donning these ties at the #ACOG conference this week in DC for the announcement of a device called MKT that conducts early detection of ovarian cancer. The science behind this device saves lives and is on the cusp of FDA approval. Ovarian cancer, when detected late, typically is a death sentence. This technology prevents that in a huge way. Teal is the color of the support initiative to battle this kind of brutal cancer. JSNY is honored to play a small role in this cause. Have fun gents, wear ‘em well! #tie #jsny #cancer #menswear #suiting #goodcause #teal #madeinitaly #maselmilano #honored #paisley

  • Jack Sartori